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Chef Vittorio Ettore's Farm-to-Table Playground

🌱 Fresh, Local, and Playful: Discover the magic when Chef Vittorio Ettore's creativity meets the freshest local ingredients from Kimball Fruit Farm. Our 20-year bond with the farm lets us craft impromptu tasting menus that redefine culinary artistry.

 Spontaneity Unleashed: No overthinking, no boundaries. Our dishes are born in the moment, a canvas of old and new techniques. It's a flavorful invitation to join Chef Vittorio's culinary play.

You're Invited: When you dine with us, you're part of the experience. Join the adventure, embrace the unexpected, and relish the joy of gastronomic exploration.

Our tasting menu is always paired with wines

See below for a sample menu

Chocolate Drink
making pasta

Tuscan Chef's Tasting Menu

Tasting Menus Change Periodically

Please email or call us for our most current menu

Tel: (781) 395-7464


Tasting menu $85

Wine pairings $39


Crostini Toscani

Pappa al Pomodoro Moderna

Tuscan tomato soup, pesto and goat cheese spuma 

Marchesi Antinori, Toscana Villa Antinori Bianco (2022)


Sprouted organic wheat handmade spaghetti, Wild boar ragu scented with juniper berries

Marchesi Antinori, Chianti Classico Pèppoli (2022)

Guancia Peposa al Chianti

Chianti wine braised beef cheeks, black pepper, porcini cream and baby artichokes

Marchesi Antinori, Toscana Villa Antinori Rosso (2021)

Cantucci e Vinsanto

Marchesi Antinori, Vin Santo del Chianti Classico (2017)


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